Kubernetes Clusters

Take advantage of our modern Kubernetes Clusters solutions

Advance to the future with our fully managed Kubernetes Clusters which ensure the high availability of your applications.

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The benefits of

Take advantage of our modern Kubernetes Clusters solutions

Speed and Security

Our Kubernetes solution can lead to a faster app development while keeping security to the same levels your business requires.


From stateful to serverless, our solutions covers your needs. Use special CI/CD tooling to secure and speed up the build-and-deploy life cycle.

Multiple channels

With different release channels available, you can choose the one that fits your business needs: rapid, regular, or stable.

Why should you choose BelCloud

Every organization is looking to containerize the applications and take advantages of the great Kubernetes power.

Our kubernetes clusters can be deployed on our cloud infrastructure or directly on your own hardware, in your own data room.

The deployment for your staff remains the same and in the case of choosing to use your own hardware, it's also completely isolated from the world.

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