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Lyubomir Bambov
Network Engineer

With his team, Lyubomir is responsible with the design and management of our network infrastructure, a task at which he succeeds with ease as an experienced IT professional.

Ivalyo Gabov
Hardware Engineer

Ivalyo is a highly motivated, skilled employee that knows everything about enterprise data center equipment, cloud computing, hardware support and maintenance services.

Filip Manev
Support Specialist

A senior support specialist, Filip is focused on building relationships based on trust and loyalty with our clients while constantly enhancing positive customer experience.

Ivan Asenov
Marketing Specialist

With an extensive experience in brand management, Ivan is a dynamic marketer focused on customer engagement and communicating brand value in a digital world.

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Our mission

When setting business goals and objectives, it is important to align employee goals with broader company objectives. This represents an opportunity to find new ways to grow but to also improve the strategy for the current environment. Certain factors, such as a low budget or an aversion for risk, can inhibit the growth of any company.

Using a hosting solution from BelCloud, allows us to step up any hosting related business process for our customers, without the traditional risk associated with it. Having worked many years in the hosting industry, our team has gained a lot of experience and valuable knowledge, allowing us to make competent choices when working with critical systems that leave no room for error.

Our vibe

Our strategy as a company that delivers professional hosting services is to always put the customer’s interest first. With our hosting solutions, customers have the potential to use technology that meet their specific needs more accurately and efficiently than with most providers.

We establish a dynamic cooperation, focused on helping our customers prosper in their business and achieve their investment goals using ethical work practices that will remain constant throughout the lifecycle of our partnership.

To further enhance our role as a trusted partner, we generate value for our customers on a consistent and ongoing basis enabling us to build lasting client relationships and move forward as a company.

Our products are customer-inspired, designed to accelerate your particular workload on enterprise quality machines, manufactured by powerful brands widely recognised for excellence and reliability.