Ip Transit

Take advantage of the best connectivity in the area.

From VPN tunneling to Full IP transit solutions over BGP, our network has the best connectivity in the region.

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Take advantage of the best connectivity in the area.


Our AS 44901 is connected to most tier 1 internet providers as well as to the biggest internet exchanges in Europe.


Our network has over 500Gbps capacity with new uplinks being added each month.

DDoS Protection

Do not worry about attacks as you benefit from our DDoS Protection, which is included in all our IP transit services.

No compromise IP Transit

Connect anywhere in the region. We take care of the transport in order to bring the fiber to your doorstep, be it in a data center or in your own office building.

Use our managed services to manage your network completely. Our staff will handle your routers, switches and network space in a secure and redundant solution.

Get a direct bpg session to any internet service provider we have for a fraction of the cost it would take to connect directly.

We ensure you are always online by having multiple redundant uplinks on different routes to multiple providers.

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