Enterprise Email Hosting

BelCloud Enterprise grade Email Hosting Solution

Take advantage of our hybrid email solutions in which the email entire cluster is dedicated to your company.

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The benefits of

Lower your email hosting costs with the BelCloud Enterprise grade Email Hosting Solution.

Lower costs

BelCloud Enterprise grade Email Hosting Solution can help you lower your email hosting costs.

No vendor lock-in

We especially designed our systems so you can easily migrate your data between the servers or even to your own solution.

Anti-span and antivirus

Powerful managed anti-spam and antivirus filters will ensure your inbox stays clean from spam and malware.

Why should you choose BelCloud

Each of our email hosting deployments are especially designed for each of our customers, taking in mind their requirements, archiving and storage requirements.

Our solutions can be deployed either in our own datacenters or directly on-premise, on your own hardware, in your own data room.

The email solution can be administrated from a very simple web panel by your own staff. We're available 24/7 to support you.

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