How to practice smart marketing by investing in customer retention strategies

Nowadays, there’s no shortage of guides on how to properly market your business so as to attract as many customers as possible, which will result in an increase of revenue, popularity and will ultimately set your business on the path to success. With the rapid advancement of technology, new strategies emerge all the time, most of them based in the online world.

Yet most of these guides aim to teach you how to attract and engage as many visitors as possible. The emphasis is therefore on the number of new visitors that come and show a certain degree of interest in your brand. The problem with these guides is that they usually neglect the importance of past customers for the growth of your business.

It’s common knowledge that it’s cheaper to persuade old customers to repurchase your products than to find new ones, provided the quality of the goods or services you are selling is high enough. Focusing on your current customers and investing a large part of your resources (be that time, money or anything else that fuels your efforts) in making sure they will repurchase from you is thus a wise move in marketing your business.

Customer accounts

Perhaps the simplest way to encourage your customers to return is by implementing customer accounts. They can make repurchasing much easier by giving customer easy access to past orders as well as pre-filled shipping information. For some customers, this may feel like too much of a commitment so the trick is to provide your customer with the option to create an account after placing his/her first order.

Discounts and credits

This is by no means a new strategy, yet it proves effective time and again in client retention strategies. By offering loyal clients discounts and credits based on their past purchases, you will encourage them to return to you with larger orders every time.

Social media and newsletters

Last but not least, be present and always available whenever your customers reach out to you. That means keeping them informed on your current offers, discounts, new additions, through email newsletters for instance, but also seizing the opportunities that social media offers us.

Advertising your business on as many channels as possible is extremely important. But so is taking the time to attend to your current customers’ concerns and queries, as that will irrevocably convince them that you’re a serious, reliable business they can return to over and over without risking any disappointments.

The element of surprise

It has become a common practice for customer-oriented businesses to send little surprise gifts to their most loyal clients as a token of appreciation and of course, as a marketing strategy. It goes without saying that a handwritten note from the seller or other such thoughtful surprises will strengthen your relationships with your customers and it will make it more likely for them to repurchase something from you in the future.

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